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    For some reason, when I try to get the weather channel avant go channel up and running I have a 500 internal server error.. So I can NEVER get the weather. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a way I can "Delete the prefs" or fix/work around this?

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    I have been using AvantGo for about 2 weeks and I get the weather channel fine. In fact, it is actually the reason that I use AvantGo. I am totally addicted to the weather channel; I even watch it on TV. I don't have any idea what your error message is about; if you haven't customized any AvantGo settings that might be causing the problem you might try going to AvantGo's home page and sending them an email to work the problem out.
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    I use Weather Underground. Just choose your city and click on the Print this page link for a page perfectly formatted for AvantGo.

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    I just added an AvantGo Auto Channel for the above wunderground link and it is a great one. Thank you, James.

    Penguins and Palms

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    Good page! I was particularly interested in the "ski conditions" -- for San Diego? I don't think so!

    For curiousity's sake, I clicked on it -- and it gave me ski conditions for every ski area within a day's drive -- so it could be useful!
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    Thanks Hromadka

    I've tried and tried to get the Weather channel to work for me. Never got back a reply for the submitted info. Looked for a suitable alternative... Just created the channel for underground.


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    I will try the other weather link in a minute, I can get the weather channel to to work once, after that it says my cookie has been set, and I get no more info until I clear the file and set it again and then it will again work only once. I hope this other one works... Thanks!

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