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    The new doc file makes several references to things being in the upper right corner that are now actually in the lower right corner. No big deal, but could be confusing to newbies.
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    That's because the program is modified many times a week, no the docs.
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    True enough. The docs don't stand a chance!

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    Maybe, Tangible will make changes to the docs as Marc improves Chatter ?
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    Offering suggestions and corrections, even to minor anomalies in the documentation, is the legitimate role of beta testers. The point is to help the developer improve the product. Marc has said, "Keep the comments coming!", and I take him at his word. If he prefers not to hear about problems, I'm sure he will let us know.
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    I prefer to hear about problems, for fear of the alternative.

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    Problem, your Avatar is making me hungry, kidding. Keep up the great work Marc !
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