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    Hi all,

    I installed the latest Snapper mail demo and lost the ability to browse the internet or synchronise with Outlook. Even after deleting it, I still have these problems... Even after a hard reset and restore too. Bugger, I'm going to delete my backup directory and start again.

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    SnapperMail shoundn't have caused the issue you are describing. A number of people are testing the software on Treo 600s before it is make available to the public.

    Rather than delete your backup directory, you might want to rename it to something like Backup.Old. That way, you can begin to move applicaitons back on to the Treo a few at a time without having to reinstall everything. Also by moving things back one or two at a time, you will be able to find out which application(s) are causing so much trouble on your device.

    Alan G
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    I tend to agree. Especially since you said after a hard reset AND restore. How about just after a hard reset then do as Alan suggests.

    good luck

    once you get it running again check out chatter instead

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