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  1.    #1 I love this phone. Yes sir-ree. Its absolutely gorgeous. From the whole construction to the beautiful lit touchscreen. So for so good. Sound Qualtiy is excellent, I'm here in NYC, and everyone I've talked to so far has said I sound find. Haven't installed any major patches or rom hacks yet, but the overall phone experiance has been quite pleasing thus far. No noticable delays, like mentioned in many other threads. All apps open in a timely fashion. Especially the phone app. I've noticed a slight delay when calls are being connected, but it isn't anything different that I've experiance on other cell phones. So far all I've installed is DTG, Kinoma Player, Adobe Reader, Call filter, file Z, Solitaire, Zap 206, Dopewars, inoah, pac dude, Novi Remote. Everything went smooth with not one crash or reset yet. Hotsync'd contacs and calender events from Palm Desktop, and microsoft outlook, and everything went smooth with no errors or resets. So far so good. I have a 256MB Sandisk SD Card, with about 300 jpeg images on it, and about 11 video clips ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes long each. I must admit, viewing pitcures on the card can be type tedious when first loaded in but after a while it reads at a reasonable speed. I also loaded up around 30 wma files which I am running in realplayer for now. No problems there. Sound from the speaker is crystal clear, although, it gets a little distorted at max volume, which is not bad at all. Keyboard light is just right, although many complained about how bright it is, it is not bothersome at all to me. All buttons feel excellent. No tactile "P" button here. Camera is very aceptable for a phone camera. Video clips are gorgeous, especially when taking in the daytime. Even at night with enough lighting, looks good. Sound from recorded video clips are real choppy, but it's not that serious to cry about. Haven't tried bluetooth, but I was never crazy about it. If I can connect wirelessly to transfer data thats just a plus for me, but cables doesn't bother me at all. Docs to Go is awsome. Loaded up many spreadsheats, and Word Docs that I've been working on. and it shows up perfectly. Blazer is beautiful, and very fast. Well atleast faster than my SideKick 2. I haven't tried Xino, heard its much faster than blazer. Well this is about it so far. I'll keep you updated on how things go, after installing more files such as Z Launcher, Power Run... etc. By the way order phone from OTI Solutions and recieved it like three days later. Still awaiting for VC channels to send me my order there. When I get that one, I'll give it to my girlfriend, because she have already fell in love with this phone, after witnessing the sheer beauty, and tremendous features that this phone possess, she's sold. Anyways, please excuse my grammer.

    PS. Pocket PC phones, such as the Audiovox PPC 6600, and 5600, doesn't come close. I know, cause cousing had them both, and he ended up selling them on ebay. I'm keeping my Treo650.

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    Another satisfied consumer in the win column. Congrats, and good luck with your new toy

    See one of the reasons I went from Treo650 to PPC6601

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    And the debate continues. Well, as long as it is healthy and informative.

    I went from T650 to PPC6601. To me, they are both PDA phones, both have the slab form factor, and both are expensive as hell. What I wanted get was how well applications of one device (PDA /or Phone) are integrated into the other device. Just one example to keep the post a little short:

    I'm on the phone and need to write down some important information from the caller including text, numbers, and possibly drawing of some diagrams. With my PPC I can have a choice of typing (QWERTY hard or virtual keyboard), handwriting recognition using scriber, or simply scribbling with my stylus, all in one notepad that is double referenced; once in notepad app, and once attached to the individual call in the call history. There is no question that this info is related to that phone call. It can even be launched from the call history. I be faxed, emailed, or printed.

    To me, this kind of application integration is what sets the two phones apart. Thus the migration. I don't care if use three hands to do what needs to be done.
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    To me, the PPC platform just seems a little clunky for me. Also MS Windows mobile, seems a little lame.
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