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    I don't want to cheat and manually advance to the next level, but I'm pulling my hairs out. Is there a website for hints?
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    I am not aware of any hints web site for eggyland. The hint I can give you for level nine is....
    The blocks will protect you even if they are moved 'halfway'!
    Now go forth and save Eggorina!
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    Heck, I couldn't figure out board two! What the heck are you supposed to be doing?

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    Thanks, Visorhead, i'll try this. I had actually figured this technique out but kept dying anyway; now that I know I'm on the right track I'll keep at it. Board #9 pissed me off so much I turned to playing Traffic, and now I'm hooked on that as well!

    rbowen--up until board 9, i thought board 2 was the hardest--and most fun. Be careful where you move the blocks, as they can permanently prevent you from getting the hearts. Keep at it, it's not a puzzle game for nothing.

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