I'm a new T650 owner and I've spent the past 4 days going through as much of this website as I could trying to determine my needs. I'm not a real tech type of person and I'll be using my 650 mostly for phone use,MP3s, movies, pictures, and some games. I've decided w/what software I want to go with: mmplayer, pocketDVD, Butler, VoiceDial. I considering ZLauncher but Im still confused on it's usage. Can anyone give me examples for its usage? But my main question is, does anyone know where I can get these programs for a deal? I looked on Yahoo for "PalmGear coupons" and there are none as of right now. Thanks for your time to all!!!!

One more thing..... Do I have to download all the programs to my PC then hotsync it to my 650 or are there some programs that I can just download them directly to my 650.