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    I guess the viable concern here (after thinking more about it) is that radiation exposure of any and all types is a culmulative effect. We are all being exposed to all sorts of radiation every day, and it is adding up in our systems. Cancer rates are at an all time high, and appear to be rising yearly. The amount of microwave radiation that a cell phone emits is, by comparison, a very small amount; but add that to the exposure every day to atmospheric, electromagnetic, other microwaves, etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum and I guess every little bit counts. Still, using a wired headset is by far your best protection - followed by wearing a belt clip or carrying in a purse (not carrying in your pocket). You can search medical and scientific documents on radiation exposure until social security runs out, but you will find different results for every researcher out there. The truth is we are guinea pigs - each and every one of us. Add to that the fact that each of us, depending upon our genetic background, proximity to other sources, baseline health status are going to be more or less susceptible to harm. Be as aware as possible about what you are consistently exposed to, and do everything you can to minimize that exposure. For the record, I agree with helpermonkey's statement about being more concerned about second smoke, but I do think we need to be more aware of what we are exposed to - not just radiation, but atmospheric contaminants, food additives, chemicals in our public water supplies, etc. It would be really easy to get super paranoid and want to move to Alaska or someplace out of the range of so many pollutants.
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    Good points... I agree. I just think eating healthier and all that is more likely to keep me alive than ditching one cellphone for another. But by all means, if it is that important to anyone, get a lower radiation phone.
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    I likes the extra radimation it make me think better.
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    Great questions. Hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Of course there will always be those who say the industry is trying to hide the damaging effects from us and there are always those who say it's just fear - everything is ok.

    It's interesting to read some of the studies done in Europe - some done by the Brits - that show both brain impact by the radiation emmitted from the cell phone radio if held to the head and intensified radiation by corded headsets... Then there's the arguement that cell radiation intensfies inside of cars with even slight tinting on their windows (it bounces around and can't get out).

    Click here for Articles

    The arguement earlier that downplayed a corded earbud carrying radiation does sound reasonable - so who knows. Of course, some of those most proclaiming the dangers of cell phones are also selling products to make them safer - that's an obvious conflict of interest too!

    Who knows. I figure it doesn't hurt to take precautions thought.

    My desire:

    1) Buy a THB auto kit (not the scaled down one sold by PalmOne, the full package one from THB direct) that doesn't just provide hands free convenience but actually plugs into the back of the phone in the antenna jack (covered by a plastic plug) and transfers the sending & receiving to an external antenna. Supposedly moves radiation outside of the car and provides a much stronger reception. Sounds good. Only problem - they don't have one for the T650 yet and supposedly P1 is dragging their feet and rumoring they will not be creating a car-kit application for the 650 since it has Bluetooth.

    2) Buy an Air-Tube Headset rather than a wired headset. Not a great option - bulkier so it can't be carried around...

    3) Buy a BT headset

    Hard to say what is best...

    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    I have e-mailed THB regarding a car-kit for the 650. These are the guys who currently make the palmOne car kit. This is a true professional style kit that can tap into your existing stereo speakers (for many vehicles), has radio mute, external mic, etc. Here is there response:

    There have been some new developments regarding the Treo 650. The production process has been pushed back. The reason being is that now PalmOne is not sure they are going to develop a car-kit application/software for the Treo 650. Why this is I do not know. My guess would be that because the Treo 650 is Bluetooth they won’t have to waist their time in creating an application. Of course the only bad thing about Bluetooth is that if you want to use it in handsfree mode it will not charge the Treo or use the external antenna capability.

    THB is waiting for an answer from PalmOne to know for sure if they will or will not create the car-kit application for the Treo 650. I have no ETA on when this answer might come about. I am hoping for an answer within the week or two

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Best Regards,
    Alan Jarvis

    I think that I may have to bail on the idea of this kit and go with the Seidio version.
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    I think anything over 1ghz (1000mhz) is technically "microwaves."
    Anyone hear about the project that was/is being done raising monkeys in what is essentially a giant microwave oven (emitting smaller amounts, of course) to prove that they are safe? I don't think anything has happened to the monkeys yet....
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    The thing you have to remember about BlueTooth is that while it is lower power than the transceiver in the phone... it uses the 2.4GHz band... and we all know what other devices operate at this frequency... microwave ovens. 2.4GHz is the frequency at which water molecules start to resonate (how cooking in a microwave oven works) but it is also an ISM band which is why bluetooth and wifi use it... they don't have to pay the FCC to transmit in the band. Wired hetsets are your best bet if you are worried about RF into the brain.
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    Saw this link at howardforums

    Makes you want to use the speakerphone or a BT headset more often...
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    That's why I have the CDMA version))
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    Oops, missed it. I hate coming in 2nd...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome
    That's why I have the CDMA version))
    I'll second that! But for anyone who's really concerned, I guess the PPC6601 is the way to go...
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    So if I put it in my pants... will it..... NM... =P
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    If the radiation doesn't kill me it'll only make me stronger.

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    That's why I have the CDMA version))

    Umm sorry, but the CDMA version is still very high. The lowest 650 is the gsm running on the 1900 frequency (tmobile). That gives you a sar of about .94. The sprint reading is 1.43. Cingular is 1.51.
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    So, is that more brain cells than a pint of Guinness, or what?

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    What is the average background radiation? On a clear day? With a full moon? On a subway?

    The sad thing is that one time, I almost bought a house under a power line. I knew that almost 99% of the studies showed that there was no co-relation, but finally my agent and lawyer convinced me that even though I was educated, most buyers weren't, and that I'd never be able to sell it.

    Now, people worry about cell phones... Almost as bad as the bit about forcing people to turn off cell phones at gas stations...
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    Gives a whole new meaning to Cingular's slogan: Raising the Bar

    Seriously, though, let's not forget that this is below the maximum allowed. It is generally good not to hold any cell phone to your head for long periods of time. Use of some type of headset always makes good common sense.
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    Hello! I have been making meters for 14 years.

    Here is the scoop:

    The solution to cell radiation is a headset. Any headset. BT is OK. BT is too weak to be a concern. If you are concerned about BT you can use a corded headset.

    Most cells emit about the same. The SAR levels are really a reflection of the geometry of the phone and variables that go away with a headset. Holding a 1.0 SAR phone at a certain angle and changing the angle slightly with your hand changes the SAR dramatically. The first 3 inches away from the tip of the antenna are key...the near field.

    Now if you will use a cell phone without a headset, in my opinion that does expose the user to the type of exposure that has effects. By the way ring and vibrate mode don't change anything. has all the scary stuff, they are always mentioned in 20/20 and 60 minutes.

    What is interesting is that so many people would write and show concern. I make a meter that measures RF but more importantly 60 Hz power line fields at home. There the level of concern is 2 milligauss.

    The constructive idea of a gaussmeter is not to measure the phone. The cellular phone concerns are stopped by headsets!

    The gaussmeter is important to measure the home for power line hot spots over 2 milligauss and avoid placing beds and furniture there! Most homes have hot spots and in a family of 5 you can bet 1 is sleeping in a hot spot and moving the bed a few feet in order to avoid placing a child there is wise.

    All cell phones put out about the same ... that is obvious ... most cells work at roughly the same distance from a cell tower! The SAR numbers have serious limitations, cause the test is a balloon full of jelly and a source of RF and they measure temperature changes in the jelly. Crude and open to geometry errors of all types. It is the low SAR phone user that uses the cell without a headset the one that fools himself.

    There is no clear link between RF, emf elf (60 Hz) and disease. But if there was, its going to take decades to find it, just like tobacco. The studies have confounders, like drugs, age, sex, chemicals, etc. 5,000 carcinogens a year are introduced to us now.

    I use my Treo and if the call is gonna take long, I use my headset. I hold the phone away from my reproductive organs. The brain, eyes and reproductive organs are the most sensitive to radiation.

    My website for my $ 40 gauss meter is

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