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    I think this was suggested earlier, but now that you're in "cleanup" mode I thought it appropriate to bring up again. I know that Chatter considers a signature of a single space or period to mean "no signature." When this is the case, can Chatter be made to not display the [---Signature---] placeholder when composing a new message or reply? It's a bit confusing to have the placeholder there when you aren't using a signature.

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    Yes, well... I guess if all of your profiles have no signature, then it makes sense. The reason there's a placeholder is that you can choose a sending profile up until the last moment...

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    Ah, of course! Thanks for the explanation.... it makes perfect sense. And you nailed it: none of my profiles have signatures. That's why it stuck out to me.

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    There's always room for another preference!
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    Thank you Marc.... the new preference is great!!

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