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    Hey everyone. I just bought my Graphite Visor Deluxe this morning at Staples, and now I'm wondering what Aps I should get right away. So I'm asking everyone to tell me what they think are must have Aps. Also, does anyone know of a good ( Hopefully free ) program for balancing a checking account? thanks

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    * QMate (finance)
    * HackMaster
    -Keyboard Hack
    -3Alarm Hack
    -PopUpFavorites (Way Cool!)
    * Cesium (clock/timer)
    * SmartDoc (doc reader/writer)
    * Quest (RPG Game)
    * BullSh*t Bingo (hehe)
    * AlbumToGo (16greyscale Pic S.Show)
    * RsrcEdit (Only if you know what your doing... )
    * ProxiWeb (Web Browser)
    * HandMail (eMail)
    * OnlyMe (the best IMO, security)
    * Silver (Launcher Replacement)

    Those are my favs, and most used.
    Now go forth to Palmgear and spend countless hours sifting through their mounds of programs.. find your favorites the hard way!
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    Trek Hack
    ultrasoft Money
    Thought mill

    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue....
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    In addition to those above:
    Mulg IIi
    BJ's Blackjack
    Afterburner hack
    Phlegm hack
    Battery Meter hack
    Pop! hack
    MiddleCaps hack
    HandyShopper 2
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    For a free checkbook register, check this thread..

    I use MoneyMinder, but that's because I didn't know there was a free one out there. If you don't like the free MyCheckbook, I highly reccommend MoneyMinder at...

    You should also get a backup utility like BackupBuddy NG or get a backup module. This is a must, unless you like to reinstall apps and data after disasters.


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA

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    •action names: great replacement for datebook, to do and address -- it combines them so you can immediately find a contact number of someone you have scheduled to put in a call to, etc.
    •alltime: i'm a freelancer, and this is a great program for tracking expenses and hours worked
    •timysheet: simple spreadsheet - i understand quicksheet has a conduit to excel, but i don't use excel, and tinysheet is 1/2 the price
    •smartdoc: doc reader/editor (most of the readers will not let you edit or write your own stuff. this one does!)
    •BigClock: alarm clock - FREE
    •My Checkbook: check register -FREE
    •Diddlebug: quick notes without graffitti - FREE
    •HandyShopper: make your own checklists - FREE
    •Hackmaster: basically an extensions manager, the hacks i use are menuhack, switchhack, cliphack
    •TinyViewer: Image viewer - FREE
    •AvantGo: Download web content, including NY Times and, among hundreds of other choices. FREE
    • if you get yourself a modem, as i have, get Multimail Pro, and Proxiweb - email client and web browser respectively. useless without a modem, indispensible with one.
    •there are a number of launchers (similar to a desktop) out there. i like Handscape, because it's mac intuitive: it has sticky notes, popup widows with the day's appointments and a trash can in the lower right corner.

    Beecause of the nature of my work - i'm an actor and an acting coach - i use all of these programs daily - i'm on the road alot, and i have a number of clients whose info i need to be hyperorganized.

    anyway, hope some of it helps at least a little.

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    in addition to the apps metioned above (you are lucky that you bought the VDx with 8 megs - all the stuff mentioned here would never fit in the 2 meg model's memory ):
    - Isilo free (document reader doc and isilo format)FREE
    - Happy Days (birthdates, anniversaries)FREE
    - Games, of course: Eggyland, Traffic, Vexed, Galax etc.

    Happy syncing!

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    Hey na2rboy,
    Give me an email....
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    Alright, I just bought my Visor and was wondering what the Hack software is. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I'm new! Thanks

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    Originally posted by RudyShoe:
    Alright, I just bought my Visor and was wondering what the Hack software is. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I'm new!
    There are no dumb questions.

    Hacks are special programs that "patch the PalmOS". If that sentence was meaningless to you, then Hacks are special programs that change how certain parts of the Visor work.
    For instance, there is a hack called FindHack that makes tapping the Find silkscreen button more powerful.

    Because they are patches, some hacks can lock up the Visor. There is a list of problem hacks at VisorCentral.

    To use hacks, you first need to install HackMaster. Then install the hacks you desire. To activate a hack, run HackMaster, and check the ones you wish to have active.

    Hackmaster and a variety of hacks are available at

    Hacks I use:
    <LI>PopUp Calculator
    <LI>MiddleCaps Hack

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