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    I'm worrying if any heavy duty power users have suffered any painful eye strain from using their 650, and what workarounds folks have found.

    Is it true that higher res screens produce less strain?

    I'm about to get a gsm version asap, but worry that I will love it so much, I should expect bad headaches from here on out....

    Nothing that an aspirin wont fix, but very annoying nonetheless.

    i've been to an eye doctor and he says my vision is fine, just overworking the muscles...hmmm
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    Well I can say for myself, that I feeling like puking when I play 3D video games (the great ones for the Xbox...god hates me). I also can't read in the car...again, puke feeling.

    And I have noticed that when I'm in a store and I want to Froogle a product for a price comparision (or do any web surfing), I get that same feeling scrolling on my Treo. I don't know if I would call it eye strain though.
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    Did you see an ophthalmologist or an optometrist? You could have an accommodation or convergence insufficiency that would make it hard for you to maintain focus up close. An optometrist would be more likely to find that type of problem. Also, if you are nearing forty, you will be starting to lose your focusing ability--the onset of presbyopia. You might still be able to focus up close, but you are working at the limit of your focusing ability and can't maintain it for long periods.
    For 777twist,
    The problems you experience are fairly common. They can be related to an eye coordination problem, especially a vertical imbalance, or to the inner ear balance mechanism.
    Zane (eye doc in Texas)

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