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    Has anyone got this to work correctly with the Treo 650. I have been working with Socket's tech support, but haven't yet found a solution to my problem.

    My problem is there is an update to the palm side of the software that has been updated to 1.2. Yet, no matter how many times I do the upgrade or what ways I have tried so far...I can't get the versions to be anything but 1.1.

    The Barcode Scanner is great...I did 117 of my DVDs in about 15 min. That would have taken me days to input by hand. The main problem I'm having is the Treo side isn't showing my complete database. The PC side shows everything, but the Treo has blank lines.

    Anyway, if anyone eles jump on to this product early, let me know if you have it working correctly on your Treo650. Also, let me know if your version is showing up as 1.2 or what????

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    where did you get your scanner form. I am looking into getting one.
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    Its a SDIO CMOS's not suppose to be as good as a laser scanner. But like I said, it may quick work of my 117 DVDs.

    FYI, I just received an email from Socket tech support and they have a Treo650 and are working on a update tonight. (hopefully they will have something tomorrow).

    The database itself is pretty sparten, but from what I can see, its just a Access database, so you can always make your own frontend (or is it backend) and import the data.

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    We have the scanner in stock too:
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    FYI, they fixed the problems with the 650 and the software works great. I scanned my entire 128 title library in about 15 min and only had to manually add 5 titles...and most of those were free disks from like columbia house type things....they didn't have bar codes....the other few, were collector sets that the barcode was on the original packaging not on the box.

    The PC software (and even the palm side) needs a face lift, but it does it's job of organizing you.

    And yes...(sorry TreoCentral) I didn't know you had the package when I bought mine...wish I knew, would have been glad to buy it from you guys.

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