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    Not sure how to search for this topic, as i'm sure its been discussed before.

    What is the procedure or what have people been doing when you are on a call and another call comes in. Let's say you are done with the current caller and want to accept the new call but want to terminate the original call.

    My Treo never disconnects the first call, and keeps clocking minutes while i'm on the 2nd call.

    I went to one VZ store and the guy behind the counter had no clue what to do.

    Customer service said to bring it in to a VZ shop for them to look at it and do a test, but these guys were useless so i never even did the test there.

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    I had this problem as well. Luckily the first caller called me instead of me calling him or I'll be logging mins on both sessions.
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    I am having the same problem. Hopefully some will have an answer.
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    It is a feature - not a problem.

    It was designed that way. Search the archives for a work-around....

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    There's a simple solution. And ceb is right, it was designed this way.

    Say you're on a call, and then accept a second call. You can now switch between these 2 calls. Return to whichever call you want to stay on, then hit the backspace key (backwards arrow). It'll appear like you've just hung up on both calls, and you'll get the standard "phone pad" screen. But after about 2 seconds (it'll feel like 2 minutes...) your phone rings you, you answer, and continue your conversation on the line you wanted to keep. The guy on the other end only knows he was on hold for a couple seconds, and never gets a dial-tone or anything to make him think he was ever disconnected.
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    I actually spoke to a customer Service tech who specializes in the treo phones at Verizon and he explained that although it may look like i'm still clocking minutes on both lines (even when one of the callers has hung up) that Verizon only charges by the network and not by what the phone says. So, he guaranteed me that if one of the callers has hung up, then the charges stop for that person. He also thought that a flash upgrade was in the works to correct the software glitch.


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