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    Tonight I was using my Treo 300 to make a call. The battery showed a full charge. After about 7 minutes, the call was dropped and the battery indicator showed the battery was totally drained. After turning off the phone and waiting for a couple of hours, the battery indicator showed a full charge again. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Thanks.
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    If you've had the 300 for a while, it could mean the obvious - your battery is just worn out and it loses charge quickly. I had the same thing happening to me late last fall when I would either be on a long call or during a good surfing session; I wound up getting a replacement battery (I installed it). I had my 300 for about 22 months before retiring it and moving to my 650.
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    A new battery fixed the problem for me too.
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    Time for a 650!!

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