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    If I take my inbox offline using /L I get a strange status message OFFLINE at the bottom of the screen rather than a qsync time. If I go to the mailbox settings and change this it is not showing this message. I am running version 19.8 but I have noticed this for the past couple of releases.

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    Another thing, if I try to go online with /L I get the online icon with a red strikethrough. Again I can clear this up in the mailbox settings window.

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    OK my fault, I checked out the new manual and it is explained. So the red means that it is an exception to the "Edit Mailbox" setting? Does this mean it somehow defaults to online (my original setting) when chatter is restarted (I am a little confused)?

    The symptom of the red strike through the online icon still happens and the client won't reconnect until I change this in the Edit Mailbox screen.

    Thanks for bearing with me here...
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    Hi, Sam. The red "Online" and "Offline" indications are reminders that the Mailbox is NOT in its normal state. The strikethrough means that it's in the process of connecting. So when you use /L to go online, you'll get the red strikethrough until the connection is made and the folder opened on the server. Does this make sense?

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    I get it now. But I get "stuck" with that strikethrough for a long time and I can't free it up unless I go to the mailbox properties screen. Other net apps work so the connection is on.

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    jsgreen - That's a carryover bug from an earlier version. Drafts are NEVER online; it's a local-only Mailbox. If you don't have any critical drafts, I'd suggest doing a "Reset Phone / Upgrade" and the using FileZ to delete ChatterDrafts.

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    SamT - You should send me a log if you're having connection issues.


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