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    Is there anywhere to obtain Xiino.........or could someone suggest a superior obtainable browser to blazer?

    I am very green here..........could someone suggest some "must have" obtainable downloads. On the learnin curve LOL

    TIA, Kevin
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    You can get xiino here:
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    This is a newer version than I had heard people talk of..........will this work stable on the 300?

    Thanks, Kevin
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    isnt the xiino from this lonk only for Palm os 4.0 or greater? what about a program for the treo 300? I think I have OS ver 3.xx

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    It looks like Mobirus is not selling Xiino 1.0.9 E. Here is a link. (Please virus scan before attempting to install.)

    If you get stuck, I used to have Xiino on a Treo 300. Maybe we can see if they will update my license from my hotsync ID to yours. (If that works, I'd be happy to sell my copy to you.)
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    I have xiino, but there really is not anything about it that makes it any better than blazer. I never use it anymore.

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