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    As my primary computer, I use a notebook issued to me by my employer. I use Outlook 2000/Exchange for work related e-mail and Outlook Express to connect to my "personal" email accounts.

    I am currently using the software supplied with my BVD to sync with Outlook 2000. It seems to work pretty good, for what it does.

    My questions are:

    1) Is there a way to sync folders other than Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. I have information in other folders including a couple of Public folders which would be a great asset to be able to sync to the Visor.

    2) Is it possible to sync to both Outlook 2000 _and_ Outlook Express on the same PC/Visor combo?
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    For question #1, check-out Intellisync (it might not be the only solution). Confirm that it will do what you want to do before you buy.

    Can't help you with #2.

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