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    I just got a 650, and have used a Clie PEG-TG50/U for a couple of years. I have Palm Desktop 4.1.0 and Hotsync 4.0.4 installed for the Clie.

    -Do I have to install the Palm Desktop 4.1.4 software from the CD, or can I just hotsync the 650 with the existing installation?

    -If I do install the new Palm Desktop, will it keep all my existing settings and databases?

    -If I do install the new Palm Desktop, will I still be able to sync up the Clie?

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    The Sony version of the Palm desktop will not sync with any non-Sony device - at least in my experience - therefore I believe you have no choice but to reinstall. I think that this may answer your question #3 as well. As to #2, there should be a way to keep your data, but I am not positive enough to actually type it here and have your data disappear on you....
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    Good advice. Yes, the backup folder of the Clie can be copied after a final hotsync to a safe location and then moved back into the new Palm directory. The Clie will then be assigned as one of the users. Hotsync and quick install will be done independently based on user.

    Be sure to clean up any reference to Palm before rebooting and installing the Treo desktop software. Good luck
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    I'd also like to get in on this discussion and would appreciate any advice.
    My Treo will be arriving in a few days but I'd like to clear up my Clie UX50 stuff. I want
    to be able to sync both PDAs (Clie and Treo) to the same computer. Is that feasible?

    TonyH: I have a few questions re: your advice.
    1) So basically you are saying to move the backup directory in \username\backup to a different area then uninstall the Clie Palm Desktop completely and erase all traces of it. THEN install the Treo 650 Palm Desktop. Then move the backup directory back into the new palm directory? In that case, will the Clie sync correctly with the Treo Palm Desktop?

    2) When you say that "The Clie will then be assigned as one of the users." I assume that means that the Clie will be assigned its existing Hotsync name while the new Treo would have to have a new Hotsync name? So I have to change the hotsync name of my Clie if I want my Treo 650 to use my existing hotsync name (since my programs are registered under the existing hotsync name)?

    3) Lastly, if I am installing programs with desktop components such as Life Balance, NoteStudio, Ultrasoft Money, or Documents to Go, and I only want some installed to the Treo and some installed to the Clie (not both simultaneously) will there be any problems?

    Sorry for all the questions. I've never synced two pdas to the same computer so I'm a bit worried. Thanks in advance for your advice! I really appreciate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spoof
    I want to be able to sync both PDAs (Clie and Treo) to the same computer. Is that feasible?
    Yes and no. I just did this, and first you must understand that the old Clie and the 650 must have different hotsync names in order for this work consistently (you don't want Clie files sent to the 650 and vice versa).

    But that also means that there are two separate databases in the Palm Desktop (one for each hotsync name), and you are responsible for keeping them up. In other words, if you make a change to a contact record on the 650, then hotsync, that change will be reflected in the 650's Desktop datatbse, but it will *not* be reflected in the Clie's Desktop database, and vice versa. A change must be applied manually to the *other* database (the one you didn't hotsync with the change).

    Also remember that if you change the hotsync name from what it was for the Clie in the new 650 (or you change the Clie name once you've got the 650 running), all your application registrations which are based on the hotsync name will cease to work.

    So, having said all that, here's what I did:

    I decided that I wasn't going to port any of my existing apps to the 650, and would give it a new hotsync name. So I opened the Palm Desktop, and in the upper right hand corner at "User:" I selected Edit from the dropdown box, and added the new hotsync name for the 650. This created a new set of folders and files on the drive for the new name.

    Then I opened Windows Explorer and under the Palm folder found the two folders which corresponded to the two hotsync names (old and new). Under each of those folders are more folders. I copied the contents of the "address", "datebook", "memo" and "todo" folders from the old name to the new name. I then opened the Palm Desktop again, and checked that the data in those 4 categories was the same as I switched users from the old name to the new.

    Once I was sure that was OK, I installed the new software which came with the 650 (you MUST do this, the existing software won't work with the 650). Somewhere during the new software install, it asked which of the two hotsync names I wanted to assign to the 650, and I selected the new name.

    Once all the software was installed, all the data was correct on the 650, no apps were copied over, and I am able to sync both the Clie and the 650 (but not to each other).
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    blue11: thanks for your great step-by-step post! I'm a little confused though - so you have both the Sony Palm Desktop installed AND the Treo's Palm Desktop installed? The reason i ask is that my Sony Palm Desktop is installed to c:\program files\sony handeld\ while I believe the Treo Palm Desktop would be installed to c:\program files\palm\ . So I'm not sure if you are running two separate Palm Desktops?

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    I am running a single desktop - the new one for the 650, which is backward compatible with the old one it replaced. You cannot have two copies of Desktop running because of the hotsync conduits (I think). There can only be one set of hotsync conduits, unless you use some sort of extraordinary measures to enable/disable one set while you use the other.

    When I installed the new Desktop, it knew where I had the Clie desktop installed, and updated it with the new version, keeping all the data (for both my old and new hotsync names) intact. So the new desktop is still in the same folder where the Clie desktop used to be.

    To change the new Desktop between old and new hotsync names, I just go to the dropdown selection box for "User:" in the upper right hand corner of the Desktop screen, and select the one I want to use in the Desktop at that moment.

    One small bump I've noticed since doing this: my AvantGo installation on the clie stopped syncing up (gives some error), and I haven't had time to look into why.

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