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    Does anyone know of an AOL mail conduit that would let you download aol mail to the visor without a modem? I have aol and would really like to read my mail on my visor.
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    Grant, I can tell you what doesn't work; I'm also looking for a way to read AOL email on my Visor.

    A software called PocketFlash has 2 versions of its ad/description floating around on various software sites; only one of the descriptions says it requires a modem. It is VERY misleading. I bought it from PalmGear and had to return it. They tried to tell me it was basically my problem until I told them about the 2 different descriptions of the product, and then they immediately refunded my money. They were surprised too.

    The second software that doesn't work (or at least isn't worth trying) is called HandMail. It only accepts AOL screen names of less than 10 characters (although AOL has changed its protocol to allow 10) and the product is being discontinued. Although it may still be available on some software sites, the manufacturer stopped selling it last month and their tech support will be discontinued in June.

    I still can't believe that AOL hasn't come up with a way to permit syncing with handhelds. Maybe on their next version?!

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