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    call the online store number and "pitch a fit" - Vienna simply has no reason to help anyone in this, unless they just want to do it out of the goodness of their hearts (doubt it).

    P1 has got serious customer service problems, and they need to address them or someone is going to take them to task for it. I received an RMA for a Treo and 2 batteries - oops, somebody screwed up and only credited me for the Treo, and now a week has passed since the CSR told me they would call me either way with an answer....

    It is unfortunate that it has to be this way, but P1 is not helping the matter...
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    I can't say enough about the good care Jeff took of me. He has a mechanism for dealing with bad treos. Just be sure it's bad before bothering him, give reasonable explanation, and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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    Yeah, still waiting. 13xx, demo unlocked GSM.
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    interesting Todd got a second unit from Vienna and onree is waiting for the first.

    go figure....
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    Quote Originally Posted by onree
    Yeah, still waiting. 13xx, demo unlocked GSM.

    Mine left Mesquite today and is in Ft. Worth tonight. At least it's on the way!

    #14xx GSM Unlocked
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    interesting Todd got a second unit from Vienna and onree is waiting for the first.

    go figure....
    Not interesting at all. Demo vs. New... big difference.

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    Just FYI, when I checked in w/Jeff in mid-March, he indicated it would be 3-4 weeks for demo units to ship ... so I guess it's once again "any day now".
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    When I contacted Jeff at the end of March, I was told 4 weeks for my demo order, but that I could change to a "purchase" order and get it shipped within days. Just FYI. My guess is May, which would make an even 6 months after the Roadshow.
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    Yep -- I finally gave up on the whole 'demo' thing and asked to change to purchase order. Should be arriving today.
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    Maybe I'm the last holdout for a demo! Seems a little odd that they apparently have the units in stock, and have fulfilled all the purchase orders (or else they wouldn't be in stock), yet they aren't shipping the demos. Either (a) they are hoping they can play the waiting game long enough to convince demo people to change their order, or (b) they have been instructed not to ship demo orders, perhaps by Palm.

    Any takers on the over/under for 6 MONTHS? The Boston roadshow was 11 Nov, so that would make 11 May for the nice round number. I can't believe I'm writing this.
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    Yeah, I thought that was quite weird as well, and I would have kept waiting if I weren't going to be out for most of May (during which I was hoping to take advantage of the Treo). When I had checked in with Jeff, he basically said he would make no assurances as to when the demo units would ship -- which as you say, could put it well past six months, for all we know. The only potential silver lining is that they're holding the next batch for some magical firmware or hardware revision, and you'll be able to take advantage of that!
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    It is now late April, am I the only one still waiting on the GSM unlocked Treo from the DC roadshow?
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    I'm still waiting from Boston -- order 7xx.
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    have either of you heard back from VC?
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    I would definitely contact Vienna Channels if you are still waiting. I was order 8xx from Boston, and was stuck in the queue until I resolved a credit card problem.
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    Just out of curiosity -- did any of the final stragglers get their Treos? Especially the demo orders?
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    Palm One called me to see if I was interested in going to a Raodshow. I explained how badly they embarassed me in front of my CEO. We ordered a total of 7 phones at the Roadshow. Delivery began in December and my CEO was the very last to get his in April, and then they shipped him a Cingular Locked phone. I literally had to call and beg for each phone to be shipped.

    I told them why would I want to experience that mess again.

    They acted surprised and shocked that anything like that could have happened. Yeah whatever!
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    I did finally get my unlocked GSM 650 demo -- on 18 June, right before taking off for a long trip to Europe. The Treo was great to have, and worked very well while I was gone.

    Not sure if this was the catalyst, but I e-mailed Joe Fabris at Palm, who had run the Roadshow, to say that I wasn't happy that it had taken over 6 months to get my demo unit, and within a couple days, I had the device in my hand.

    Better (very) late than never! I'm very happy with it now.
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    Hi Guys,

    I was just wondering what you guys are doing, when your Treo 650 does not work as expected. I bought mine from VC and seems to have a keyboard problem. Do I call Palm directly for a replacement? (what # etc?)

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