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    Mine is waiting for me at the ups center. I can't get it yet though. still on the truck):
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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1

    I sent mail back to Vienna, warning them about this phishing scam? Has anyone else re-entered the info, and did you notice anything strange on your bill?


    I got the same update email. But, my information has changed since I first placed the I'm not too worried that its a scam. But I would keep a close look at my bill.

    DC Roadshow #14XX
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    I got the same "phishing" email on Sunday. I re-submitted my info and received an email from Jeff two minutes later saying my order would ship on Monday morning. Monday morning--I received shipping confirmation and a tracking number. It's no scam.
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    They're working the weekend to get our orders out. :-)
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    So ... if I'm on the demo list (and I am), but am 95% sure that I will eventually buy the unit (assuming it's functional), is there any reason to wait the 3-4 weeks for the demos to ship instead of changing my order to a sales order and getting one right now?

    For example, I'm wondering if there's any likelihood that the demo units might be from a later batch with an updated firmware, new hardware rev, etc.
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    If I remember correctly from the Road Show they said that the demo devices could be “used” devices. If you want to buy any devices after the demo you would have to send them back and wait for new ones to be delivered. If this is correct you may just want to buy up front if you are in a rush. A call to Jeff may be in order to see how they are handling the demos.
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    So I get my unlocked GSM today and it's DOA. After fully charging the phone, I get the "Not enough power to activate phone" error. Soft/hard resets didn't help and no service was acquired. I tried changing SIMS and still no improvement. After waiting on hold for Palmone support, I got the most clueless lady who didn't even know how to hard reset (she wanted me to press the button on the antenna Anyways, so she finally concludes its defective and has the nerve to offer me a refurbished phone! Unbelievable how P1 manages to survive with such poor support, customer service and unreliable phones. I was wondering whether anyone has requested a replacement from Vienna and how quickly it arrived?
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    ^ ^

    I don't think you'll get a replacement from Vienna, I'm pretty sure you'll have to get it from Palm1.
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    I specifically mentioned to the P1 rep that Vienna is merely representing P1, but she discussed it with a supervisor who said I would need to get it from Vienna.
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    So you're saying P1 won't warranty the VC device? They won't replace it if it's defective?

    Or do you want a brand new boxed replacement and P1 won't do that? If that's the case I can understand P1's response. VC did say "all sales were final." I don't know if that applies to DOA's like yours or just "buyer remorse."

    I'm still waiting for an INVOICE (not a packing list) that VC (according to their packing list) was supposed to send by email.
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    Just heard from my wife, big brown delivered today. Unfortunately I am away oon business trip, have to wait until my return Friday lunch time.

    Guess what I'll be doing this weekend

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    Hey all -
    Just got my 650 today...Everything seems to work great!

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    mine was just delivered......have to wait to get home from work to open it up.....

    order #1511
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    My firmware is 1.14 - I thought people were reporting 1.15...Anyone else willing to share their firmware?

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    I got mine yesterday and it has firmware 1.15

    Order #137X.
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    Ditto Mr Wizard, firmware 1.15.

    Order #13XX.
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    Arrived 3/25/04 order 14xx, DC Roadshow, firmware 01.15, software Treo650-1.06-ROW, Hardware A
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    same as murf's here.....
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    Arrived 3/23/04 order 12xx, DC Roadshow, firmware 01.15, software Treo650-1.06-ROW, Hardware A
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    Tried out the handset and BT connection, both seem to be at a reasonable volume, at least equal (maybe even better?) than my 600. I do get an unpleasant buzz after dialing on BT, but as soon as it start connecting the buzz goes away and the the connection is very clear (3 ft/1m range).

    Off to play with the rest and to get all me extra software loaded - I know, do it one by one...I will

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