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    Okay i dont own the treo 650, however i have read in a lot of threads that butler's alarm function doesnt work. This of course will be fixed when the developer gets a treo 650 (or around that time). But here is my question

    Okay the reason i have Butler is for the LED augmentation. Now i know that to be classified under "Alert" and not "Alarm" which is literally for like a wake up/reminder. However is the problem occuring in the alert option, with augmenting the the LED for notification.

    I really hope my question was clear, im very p'oed right now (and im sorry), and well i cant think straight as my bp is thru the beep beep beeeeeeppp roof
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    I have a 650 with Butler 2.72 running on it, the alarm works for me. In previous versions, the LED was staying on fast flash after the alarm was cleared. Also, I am still having the palm reset after the hotsync.
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    but from what i hear now is that the reason i have butler is already available on the notification by led
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    Until I read this thread the only problem that I knew of with butler on the t650 was a reset after backupman

    get-treo, sounds like you're having a hotsync issue. Are you certain that it's butler causing the problem still? - please pm me to let me know

    -update - get-treo doesn't seem to be having butler/hotsync resets any more
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    Butler 2.71 still seems to cause crash after nearly every sync. If I remove, I stop getting crashes (have not removed though, because I love the program for LED control). Some of the other programs I'm using include: Tealbackup (was working better than the other programs-not sure if the others have caught up or surpassed at this point), Technician, KBlights, Megalauncher (great!! program), 1 Button Pro (another fantastic program - used for years) and Bob's Alarms (easy to use & always works).
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    I'm surprised 2.71 is still causing crashes - it seems fine for most people. The good news is that I should have a 650 soon, so will be able to do proper testing...
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    You have worked very hard to make Butler compatible - especially impressive without the actual device. Hopefully, having the acutal device with other software loaded will flush out any remaining issues. Thanks for a great program

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