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    My 650 will not turn on after it sits for awhile. The only way to get it to come on is to take the battery out and put it back in. I did a hard reset, so its not software I downloaded. I've tried it with the phone on/off and it still did it, so I took it back to sprint and they said they uploaded new software into it. And I still have the problem. I'm gonna try to get them to replace it, but I was just wondering if its happened to anyone else? Thanks!
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    I love the concept, but I've had so much trouble with this device I'm thinking about returning it to Cingular and getting my money back . I spent a week fighting the problem where it resets when receiving or placing a call. Now It just won't turn on. I have to pull the battery out to power on the unit. I've noticed in the morning that it wont turn on. I've reviewed the err log (for Cingular users it's #*377(#*ERR)) but nothing is in the log. I also notice that the time froze the night before. One morning I noticed that it froze at 10:23 pm the night before, the next morning it froze at 11:35 pm the night before. I've uninstalled the palm software, removed the keys under U.S. Robotics in the registry, hard reset the 650, reinstalled the palm software clean with no additional software, just the base/default software, resynced, and it still won't turn on after sitting a while. It seems like it's a Palm issue as you’re with Sprint and I'm with Cingular.

    As for the unit just refusing not to turn on? I don't know , I hope some one can figure this one out. I'm going to turn off "Enable Local Network Time" in the Welcome screen due to the random timing in which my phone freezes. Today at work I noticed at 11:58 am that it wouldn't turn on. When I pulled out the battery to reset the unit the time said "11:24". I'm wondering if that's when it's trying to get network time??? Could that be locking up the unit? I'll repost if this is a fix for my phone.

    Palm needs to get on these problems. There not simply just "Software", or "Cellular Provider" issues. There obviously device issues.

    By the way if your plam resets when you make or receive calls, and your with Cingular, (not sure about the other providers) here are some ideas that corrected that problem for me.

    1. make sure you have a compatible 64K Sim, has and A not a G in the number.
    2. Uninstall ZAP#### (some space game that comes with the treo, cant remember the numbers after ZAP).
    3. [At your own risk, not for novices] rename any previous palm install directories with a BAK. Then uninstall your palm software.
    Then go to Start/run and type regedit, remove the following registry keys:

    Reinstall only the most basic software, sync, after your phone has proven it works - run it basic for a day or two, start loading your applications one at a time.
    4. Dont use World Clock.
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    Sorry, I won't be hanging around to see this through. I'm returning this sub standard device today. Don't think I'll revisit PalmOne, looks like they will have a hard time competing with Microsoft. I'll be moving toward a pocket PC phone. I don't need this frustration.

    Good luck with this nightmare.

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    I've gone through 2 Treo 650's and they both experience the same problems. Throughout the day they freeze in the off mode. I've missed several important calls. I must remove the battery or perform a soft reset. It's ridiculous to investigate the sequence of software installations or determine version numbers. This is a design problem with a new product that is unacceptable.

    I would advise researching Pocket PC models. I have seen the Siemens SX66 and is far more feature rich and dependable.

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