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  • 32 -> 64

    9 5.77%
  • 32 -> 128

    87 55.77%
  • Either, as long as it is under $100

    41 26.28%
  • Either, as long as it is under $200

    10 6.41%
  • Neither, because the GSM version will NEVER come out

    3 1.92%
  • Neither, because I am: don't need more or... (list reason)

    6 3.85%
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHETZEL
    naked -

    Maybe you should try contacting this compay -
    This was the company I was thinking of.
    ReMax Properties Unlimited
    Morristown NJ
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    Naked, make any more progress on this? There was a dude on HoFo who got his Imate Jam upgraded from 64 to 128 by some company (think he listed the name) for around $200. Who have you contacted about this treo upgrade?
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    I upgraded my Visor Prism two years ago. The guy would post on Ebay (fixed price, $50), and was actually based in NYC. I dropped off my Prism personally, and picked up a few days later. The extra memory worked great, except on of the camera modules couldn't recognize it (the camera springboard that also worked as a USB PC webcam, can't remember the name).

    I would consider upgrading my Treo 650, but not for another year or so, when I won't care as much if something happened.

    Let me know if anyone finds anyone doing upgrades.

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    A ram upgrade should have been the first thing that Palm did when they started working on the Treo 650. Instead, it was just another critical oversight on Palms part. All their competition has quadruple the internal memory that the Treo 650 has. Most Pocket PC's come with a standard 128 mb internal RAM. I would likely have upgraded to the 650 if they would have added this. At this point I can not physically upgraded as I am already pushining my limit of memory on my 600 with apps that can not run off of the sd card. The 650 has less usable RAM than the 600 (nice upgrade). NVFS is junk. Why not use a free app. like Backup Buddy if you are worried about draining your battery completely. I will wait for the 700. Which will hopefully be a real upgrade. It will likely be released before the 650 GSMs arrive anyways. If Palmone hopes to stay competitive it will need to be released sooner rather than later. I refuse to downgrade to a Treo 650.
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