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    hi there ppl ...
    i imported form my palm desktop my contacts

    and then export it on my new palm desktop ..
    however . the categories of the contacts are not imported as well
    anyone know why ? only the contacts are imported not the category
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    Yeah, I don't think the categories get exported...sorry...
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    This is a longstanding, well-known bug in the Palm Desktop software, which PalmOne apparently can't be bothered to fix.

    I ran into this bug when upgrading to a newer handheld. "Import" won't create the categories that it finds in the imported archive file. I exported my data from the Palm Desktop user ID for the old handheld device, then created a new user ID for the new handheld device, and imported the data for the new device, and found that everything was categorized as "Unfiled" except for items in the predefined "Business" and "Personal" categories.

    For the imported contacts to get the right categories associated with them, you must first manually create all the categories. Otherwise the imported contacts all go into the "Unfiled" category. (Note: Be sure that when you are manually creating the categories you type exactly IDENTICAL category names.)

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