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    does anyone have any recomendations for databases for the visor???
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    I use ThinkDB. I haven't really tried others, and some people don't like ThinkDB, but it is loaded with features. Check it out at
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    I agree with ragamuffin. I have been using ThinkDB extensively and like its features (like relational model) as well as tabbed interface. I would highly recommend it.

    Keshav Joshi
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    I am also a satisfied user of ThinkDB. I have not tried any other PalmOS databases, so I can't offer comparisons. Another Visor Central member, "Mr. Tim", is also using ThinkDB. Tim has created a bill paying database to track and remind the user of bill payments. I have done a wine database to track tasting notes and cellar holdings, and a password database to track all the logons and passwords I use (note: this is not encrypted, but is password protected to enter the database....). My next databases will be for tracking auto maintenance and medical history.

    To get ideas for how you might use a database on your Visor, try trolling through a software site like PalmGear HQ and see what kind of apps catch your attention - if it looks like it can be done in a database, you may be able to use ThinkDB to create a version tailored to your own unique interests or needs.

    Tim has found one area in which ThinkDB would greatly benefit from a feature enhancement: the expression building currrently only allows simple arithmetic - no logic like If/then/else or other controls. I agree - this would provide tremendous power to ThinkDB if we could add some better expressions, as well as maybe even simple scripting for application controls.

    Still, while there are always personal preferences to consider, I doubt most people would go wrong with ThinkDB.

    - Rusty
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    ThinkDB appealed to me because to the PC Desktop component, but when I downloaded it I immediately ran into a glitch importing a CSV file.

    So far, ThinkDB support hasn't even acknowledged my message to them. Combine that with things like simple typos in the interface and I'm beginning to wonder if ThinkDB needs a little more polish first. I'm going to look at HanDbase and Jfile before making a purchase.

    Anyone else using the ThinkDB desktop or have any comments on their tech support?

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    Has anyone made databases using Lotus Notes? That's what I build with every now and again and what I'm most proficient at, so anything that would be similar to it would be good for me.

    How do HandBase and ThinkDB compare? Thanks
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    I have been using HanDBase now for a while for my time/billing, job tracking, etc. The desktop app is nice, with a command line interface for automated import and export. I really like the ability to link between tables and the large number of field types (esp. image, so you can have a digitized signature on project completion forms). I do Notes development, and found it to be similar enough that I was comfortable with it from the start. Highly recommended.
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    sanction- any luck on exporting the images from Palm to some other format on the PC?
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    Do any of the palm databases allow for partial/full synching with an Access database?
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    Haven't used any of the other databases but have been very satisfied with JFile and the upgrade JFilePro. There are several auxilary programs for desktop conversions but I haven't used any - so far.
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    homer - For an alternative to ThinkDB with an apparently strong Access conduit, try Pendragon Forms. I will say up front that it is NOT a relational database, but it can hide that fact for the sort of apps you are likely to implement on the Visor. Pendragon Forms is strong in multiuser support (especially with its ties to WaveSync). However, for developing apps for personal use, I think that you should consider other databases.

    HanDBase and ThinkDB are the weapons of choice for relational databases. Both vendors responded appropriately to my pre-sale questions, but HanDBase gets my vote for a "good guy" award for recognizing that my needs exceeded what HanDBase offers at this time - - and suggested that I investigate Pendragon Forms! With that sort of pre-sales support, I don't think you can go wrong with HanDBase's tech support. The only caveat is that HanDBase does not offer a free conduit for Access (but the CSV conduit worked fine for me - just added a step).

    For a simpler, non-relational database with a good library of reference databases try JFile Pro. However, it too does not have a free Access conduit; but, again, CSV works fine.

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    I used MobileDB and purchased JFile (got the free JFilePro upgrade)... that was all fine until ThinkDB came out. That's my sole database at this point. Armando (ThinkDB author) has been very helpful and informative, as well as VERY QUICK with bug fixes and updates.

    The CSV import feature isn't as smooth as I'd like it, but after a few tries, I got the thing figured out so it's not that bad. BUT, I don't do a TON of CSV conversion... half of my db's were created on the Visor.
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