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    After much *****ing and moaning Verizon agreed to replace my treo with a new unit and not a refurbished one. This is my 4th unit. The latest one was failing constantly due to the "No Service" problem. Which I am now certain is directly related to the battery. The last time I was having the problem my battery was at 50% and I could not make a call. When I pluged in the charger I had no problem. Keep in mind this unit was only 3 months old! Now that I have a new one I want to do what ever I can if possible to make sure I don't have this problem again. So here is my question.

    I have read that you should never let the treo battery die. If this is so how often should you charge it? I usually charge it while I am driving; sometimes Whether it needs it or not. Is that bad? I want to keep it charged so its available when I need it but is over charging a problem? Is using the car charger for 90% of charging needs ok?

    Second unrelated question I like having the phone available when someone calls. So I like to keep it on my belt and not in a breifcase or pocket. The case I received from verizon is nice but it is starting to streach out. The phone is kind of loose and I am afraid it my fall out or come off my belt and fall. For the people who like to carry the unit on there hip what case do you think is the best? Is the alumnium case good?
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    Next time you get no service, go into the Phone options and see if "Digital Roaming" is turned on or off. If its off, turn it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuctboh
    Next time you get no service, go into the Phone options and see if "Digital Roaming" is turned on or off. If its off, turn it on.

    It did not happen all the time. Only when the battery got down to 50% or so.
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    I've experienced "No Service" a couple of times but not frequent. What is annoying me is when I go pass a "dead" zone like inside an elevator or tunnel. The phone shows no signal but after I left those spots. It takes forever for the signals to come back on. I have to try to make a call to "force" the phone to search for the signals (easier than switching to wireless and on again), after a couple of failed calls the signals will come back on.
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    The problem I was having forced me get a new phone. There was a big thread on this board with several people in the same position. My phone would display "no service" in areas I have been using a cell phone for years. It would display 3 or 4 bars but after I pressed send I would hear a beep and it would display No Service. It appears to be a battery problem.

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