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    Have you seen some of the color screenshots at Some of these developers need to be charged with "Excessive Use of a New Feature" and sentenced to sit and listen to Mac UI bigots debate UI design.

    For example, look at:

    Compare how the color is only used when it adds to the information displayed in examples like:

    <LI>Color SketchPad
    <LI>Personal Money Tracker

    Time to break out the old user interface textbooks.
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    Some of those apps allow you to customize the colors of the buttons etc. I hope that the buttons are not forcibly pink

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    I agree. Most of the *new* color apps look REALLY ugly - like straight from chewing-gum-land .
    Let's see how new apps that really use the color features look like. Just painting some buttons blue and red does not make an app a killer (color) app...


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    Playing with the Palm OS Emulator, I've noticed some strange color differences between the Debugging and the non-debugging color ROMs. For example, the date book application: Under the non-debugging ROM, the screen is black on white with blue used for the title, and the selected buttons. Under the debugging ROM the fields are underlined in blue, the buttons have a light green background, the highlighted buttons have a orange background, and the whole screen in framed in a pink. Pretty ugly. I assume that this is some "Feature" of the debugging ROM, but I have not read this anywhere.

    I tried to fire up the six programs mentioned above in the emulator. DateUtil, BugMe, and SketchPad all crashed under the Debugging ROM (I did not try very hard to get them to work). Of the three remaining, Pop Up Names, Address Plus, and Personal Money Tracker, all behaved similar to date book, fine under non-debugging, ugly under debugging. Under the non-debugging ROM BugMe and ColorSketch act like datebook except for the color edit area of ColorSketch and the icons and yellow (PostIt) edit area in BugMe.

    On Palm-Gear, the screen shots for Address Plus where taken from the debugging ROM, it looks a lot better under the non-debugging. For PopUp Name, I don't know where those screen-shots came from, for they don't match either. Maybe they came from an older version of the debugging ROM. For all the others the screen shots on Palm Gear are from the non-debugging ROM.

    On Palm Gear only DateUtilc and Color Sketch claim to require a color Palm device. Address Plus only claims to require PalmOS 3.5, but notes that one should use the earlier Address+ on older devices. BugMe and Personal Money Tracker make no requirement for color or 3.5, but obviously do have some color enhancements. PopUp names makes no claim to requiring color, 3.5 or having any color enhancements (other than the ugly screen shots).

    Conclusions: I agree that Color SketchPad and Personal Money Tracker actually make good use of color. The others did not really need it. PopUp Names and Address Plus are guilty of putting together some bad screen shots for Palm Gear. They really don't look that bad. BugMe didn't really need the color, but I won't say they went over board. DateUtilc, however, I do find guilty of "Excessive Use of a New Feature", yuck.

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