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    Treonauts has word that the 650 won't be making it to T-Mobile until May. I guess that was to be expected, especially given Cingular's weight nowadays. I may end up getting an unbranded GSM model, but I may just end up waiting, too. Turns out I've waited this long. . .
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    I'm going to try the 6315 out next week; waiting until the VC Treo 650 finally get here. If I don't like it, I'll probably be leaving T-Mobile. I'm tired of phones that are unreliable (Treo 600). I'm tired of getting reburbished phones, as they are the same ones that someone else didn't want. I'm tired of wait for anything new to be released (any smartphones? Please?). I'm tired of having to call customer service monthly due to billing mistakes. The last mistake overcharged me by $1,500 USD!

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