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    I used to get CNN headline news sent to SMS on my 270, but I don't get them any more. I do receive them on my regular e-mail address, and I use receive lots of other SMS messages successfully. I tried re-signing up at CNN, but I never even get the confimation e-mail on the Treo. I tried signing up with a disposable address, and then forwarding that address' mail to my Treo's, but still nothing shows up. Is it possible that T-Mobile purposely filters out CNN's messages from going to SMS?
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    I ran into that when I was forwarding just about all of my email I was receiving to my Treo. Tmobile would reject a number of emails because they seemed like SPAM. Usually they were either actual SPAM which crept by my SPAM filtering, or they were mailing list messages.

    I believe the message was bounced back to sender. It has been a while since I bothered with that stupid SMS stuff on Tmobile.

    It always sucked. I used to receive about 25% of my SMS messages over 30 minutes late. Some would come many hours late. And Tmobile customer service reps are nice, but they are usually clueless. The messages which were late were always ones going from email to SMS, not from another mobile phone to SMS.

    Just recently I tried to make it so the few SMS messages I receive would go to my normal email, but Tmobile seems to have a totally screwed up system for doing that as well.

    But, I guess I don't really care since there are only 2 people in the world who ever SMS me.


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