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    Often after 650 burps we end up with duplicate contacts, i found this app that helped me.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    If you are using a free alternative, you can use Outlook Duplicates Remover 5 on your PC and synch with the appropriate conduit set to "Desktop overwrites Handheld". Has worked very well for me.

    It will search for duplicate contacts, calendar events, mail, and tasks. The only annoying "feature" of this software is that it won't tell you what the dupes were. It just deletes them.
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    Eviljack was right. Download that FREE software and it will delete the duplicates in Outlook on your desktop. Follow the rest of his recommend regarding the conduit and have the desktop "overwrite" your handheld. Problem solved.

    gt5l also had a recommendation regarding a program called "undupe" for your handheld. This application is not free. It appears to help you deal with the same situation by deleting the dupes on the handheld first and then you would have your handheld "overwrite" your desktop.

    Take the free way. It worked for me!

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