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    I know this is a little off topic but I am waiting for the blackberry client before I can go to the 650(work implications). It was announced back in the summer of 2004 but nothing yet. Anyone have any information on this? I see other OS's are already starting to support the blackberry client.
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    I'm waiting for this as well.
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    Anyone know how this blackberry client will work???

    I am currently unfamiliar with how blackberryies work........

    For example my work currently offers bb from tmobile and att....

    now if i wanted to user the bb client with sprint.... what does that entail?
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    Will this BB client have a cost? or is it from Palm as a patch? My co. already has the BB server stuff running. I just need the client for my Treo.
    Mike G

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    The Blackberry sucks. My GF just got one. The Treo is 100 times better.
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    most likely the bb client will come at a price, but the tab might get covered by your company if you tug enough...
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    Tripe xXx...after using the treo 600, and going to the 7100r...i died...the treo owns the they pushed their products differently and such they would own...however what they do, push e-mail, they do best i must say
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    The problem with BB is that it is not 100% full push for all Outlook functionallity. There are other solutions (GoodLink, for example) that push everything and never require cradling. BES 4.0 will support full OTA, but I haven't seen anything other than a beta or pre-release implementation of 4.0.

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