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    Just got my new Treo 650 and I love it! Previous cell phones were just that, cell phones. The 650 is a computer, cell phone, etc. Anyhows, I am trying to get my feet wet, having never used Palm, or done "syncing", etc.

    My goal is to watch television and movies on my Treo 650, but is that even possible?? I do not know enough about Palm and OS 5 to know if they hardware is capable of this.

    First, I thought about hacking my Directivo (I know, another forum). There seem to be tools that allow the shows to be extracted to a computer and saved as mpeg files.

    Also, I see there are Palm memory cards that are as big as 1 GIG, enough to hold at least a 30 minute TV program I would think.

    Lastly, I need to figure out if there are any media players that will play videos on the Palm.

    This is going to be a lengthy project, but something well worth doing I believe. I just don't know if it is possible.

    Any thoughts, quick tips, etc. would be appreciated. It will take me a while to get up to speed on hacking the TIVO, but I wanted to get your thoughts in the event I can extract the programs from DirecTivo, can I get them on Palm Treo 650 and watch/listen.

    As a side note, I own a Sony AT60 Directivo.
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    Welcome to TC and the Treo/Palm OS world. Many, if not all, of your questions have been discussed before can be found with a simply search.

    Yes, Treo 650 can play both video and audio, but you need to buy a third-party software to play video.

    Good luck.
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    There's lots of conversion apps liek Kinoma, pocketdivx encoder, virtualdub etc that can convert vids to a format viewable on the Treo. Do a search fo rmore detailed discussion...
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    If you discover a system, let us know! I am interested in doing that when I get my GSM 650. I already got a 1G card for it. I think a few episodes of Dora the Explorer would be an instant child calmer in a pinch!

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