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    Quote Originally Posted by scala fiend
    Thought you would all be interested in knowing that Cardo has been issuing RMAs for headsets with very limited range (static @ more than a couple of feet) as those appear to be defective. Most of you shouldn't have this problem, but if you are, help is a phone call away.

    And if you're goin nuts with your charging cradle because the connection is finnicky, Cardo has been very helpful as well regarding replacements.

    The Fiend
    But if we bought it from a third part vendor (like ecost), do we call Cardo still? Got a number?
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    I am using GSM. I got two scalas in the mail yesterday. $34 each free shipping. Wow, for $50 cheaper than the moto I bought at the cingular store, it is great. Range about 15-20 foot range, mild static at 12-20 ft. No volume issue at all. No redial problem. Mild static, for $35 bucks i'll live with it. the moto wld go to sleep, if I was on vibrate I wld miss calls. The scala is always awake and plays the national anthem in my hear during vibration, I love it !! too fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasanderson
    This isn't a Scala problem, this happens with all bluetooth headsets, and the Treo 650. There is another thread somewhere that addresses this exact issue.
    If you run across that thread again or anyone else knows where it is, please post the link. I searched and skimmed thru the posts in the Bluetooth section but couldn't find it. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600guy
    But if we bought it from a third part vendor (like ecost), do we call Cardo still? Got a number?
    You should definitely contact Cardo's Support for problems with static, they'll be more helpful w/ troubleshooting.
    Their email is: and Phone: 1-800-488-0363
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    Here is a thread that mentions the same problem with the Jabra 250 and the Bluetrek G@ headsets not successfully redialing....

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    Thanks (tech)princesse - appreciate the pointer
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