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    After reading the numerous threads on the different headsets and quality issues I thought I would chime in. I'm your typical gadget junkie and have tried most of the Bluetooth headsets out there. IMHO the HBH-660 is the ONLY headset currently out that works well with the t650. By that I mean there is no static (to me MOST IMPORTANT), very quick connection, supports hands free profile, decent volume when not modified ( when using the Jabra gel the thing is loud as B@lls!) and the caller ID works. I find the ear gel comfortable but the ear clip that comes with it works well too. This forum has some brutal critics, myself included, and for those of you who are on the fence about which headset to go with I highly recommend the 660.

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    ... but the 660 is nothing in loud environments compared to the HBH-300... and the Treo 650 doesn't support it... have you heard any news about support for that headset coming up?

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