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    Hi ppl ..
    i recently encountered a problem where all my Un-Timed event in datebook went 1 day earlier .. eg :

    24th Jan 2004
    * Mom's Birthday

    went to :

    23rd Jan 2004
    * Mom's Birthday

    every untimed event * in my dateook shifts one day earlier ? anyone know how can i fix this problem ?
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    I had this happen to me, however the desktop software showed the correct date. So my Palm was off by one day, but the desktop software was right on target.

    All my untimed events were off a day in the Palm and I didn't know why. I was pretty sure it happened when I upgraded to new device.

    It was an easy fix, I just HotSynced with the software set to Desktop over-rides handheld.

    Then everything was right on both the handheld and the desktop.

    Odd thing was that a normal hotsync did not fix it, I had to do a desktop over-rides handheld.

    Hope this helps you.
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    the thing is its wrong on my desktop as well
    and my old database backup ive thrown it away already
    sob ...

    any other solution ?

    im going to the extent to move all untimed event 1 day after . which is a lot of work ...

    any other stuff are affected by this or not ?
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    I've had this problem but I can't figure out the solution. The complicating part is I often don't realize that the dates are off until a year later when I find out I'm wishing people happy birthday a day early.

    Here are my possible explanations:

    1. DateMate - I used to use this programs to input birthdays.
    2. Migration to new PDAs - I've gone from Palm IIIe to Treo 270 to Treo 600. This doesn't include constant reinstalls, etc when necessary.
    3. Leap years?

    If anyone can figure out this problem, praise them. It really eliminates the purpose of storing peoples birthday.

    Physician User
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    Obvious solution that maybe you've already tried:

    Check the date/time settings. Could something be off there?
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    yup i also realize when i wish someone a day earlier on their birthday ... hahah this is funny though i tot i was the only one wishing ppl a day earlier ..

    btw .. i shifted all my untimed event since 2000-2005 one by one day by day ... and correct all timings on my datebook that shifts 8 hours earlier ...

    i also been moving database from :

    palm m100 , handspring visor platinum, treo 180, treo600

    the problem occurs when im in 2004 ... is it the leap year problem ? i think so too .. anyone from palmsource if ure reading this ..please rectify this problem .. it might not be a huge problem coz no one notices it .. but for ppl like me and the Physician ... this is a huge deal to us ..

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