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    I have been using Versamail for a couple weeks now. I have checked to leave mail on the server, but when I get home, the mail is not on the server?

    Any ideas besides checking and unchecking the box? I know the autosync doesn't work, but I havent found anything about leaving mail on the server problem.

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    VersaMail leaves mail on the server for me. The thing I don't like is that if you delete mail from VersaMail and then empty the trash, the next time you check mail it will redownload all the messages again. With Snapper once you download them once, it won't download them again even if you've deleted them.
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    I have delete the email from the server checked for my yahoo mail and it leaves it on the server. Yes it redownloads it until I go and delete it on the web. Sure wish that feature worked like it is supposed to.
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