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    I installed datebook5 including the resetphone.prc. Now there is a 10-20sec delay of a blank screen when I change from DB5 to the phone application. I like DB5 but this delay is unacceptable.

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    I just downloaded and installed DateBook5 a few days ago and am currently using the unregistered DB5 version (DateBk5 V-5.4a, p7) with no such problem switching from DB5 to the phone app. My PRL revision is 10025 and I have very few addon apps installed yet since I just got my 650 No Camera version last week. Perhaps it is conflicting with something else on your device?

    Also, according to Pimlico's website, there is a mandatory service release:

    V-5.4 Maintenance Release is REQUIRED for Tungsten T5/Treo650 to sidestep Performance & Stability problems in the PalmOne software:
    Download V-5.4a, p7 Release.
    Maybe you should check to ensure you are using the p7 release version required for the Treo650...

    - iccusion
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    Thanks. I tried Pimlico's tech support but they were less than totally helpful. I went ahead and deleted it this afternoon and installed Agendus. I will see how it works. DB5 seemed to have great features and I was disappointed it created so many problems for me. Apparently everyone else has having good results.

    I have very few third party apps - Ptunes, Power Run, Butler so I don't know why I would have gotten conflicts.


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