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    Has anyone found a belt holster? I remember someon mentioned that it fit in the holster for the HBH-600. Has anyone tried this?

    I don't like the lanyard, as I would never wear it around my neck in a professional setting. It would seem the nub on which the earclip used to be connected (I'm using a Jabra Eargel) could be a place for a minimalist belt clip to be attached but it would take a bit of ingenuity.
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    just dont put it in your shirt pocket. Bad. Very bad!
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    I usually carry mine in my coat/jacket pocket... Doesn't get washed as much

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    I took the part that hooks into the phone and the little string attached to it off the lanyard that goes around your neck, then I just hooked it onto a beltloop. It hangs there and I just unhook it when a call comes in...very handy and it doesn't ever get in the way...Colin
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    I generally leave it in the car. I take it out every 3 or 4 days to charge up.
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    I use the holster from my old HBH-65 (it fits perfectly), but since I only use the headset in the car, it stays clipped to my driver's side visor.

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