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    A few of you responded to my other Bluemoon question which I appreciate. But now that I have it, I'm not quite sure on what to enter. If you could give me your uses it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    When you unzip the registered version of the application, there is a subdirectory under the directory where you placed the .PRC called "Manual" that contains an html version of the manual - - perfect for processing by iSiloWeb! The manual is full of ideas. The directory should probably exist for the shareware version as well. In any event, here is a sampling of my entries . . .

    Category - Batteries - Item: Visor
    Category - Batteries - Item: Flashlight bedroom
    Category - Batteries - Item: Flashlight car

    Category - Personal - Item: Haircut
    Category - Personal - Item: Called XXXXXX
    Category - Personal - Item: Wrote YYYYYY
    Category - Personal - Item: Visited ZZZZZZZ

    Category - House - Item: Check sprinkler coverage
    Category - House - Item: Water Filter

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    What is Blue Moon? (Please don't make me sorry I asked )

    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue....
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    Maltair (and 318ti) -
    BlueMoon, as the name suggests, is a program that is useful for keeping track of things that don't happen very frequently. How many gadgets and devices do we all have that require periodic maintenance? I find it especially useful for keeping track of auto maintenance, like when I last had my oil changed, tires rotated, etc. Yucca gives some good examples. You can quickly see info like how long since the last ___, the average interval between whatevers, and such. You can also schedule repeating intervals for events. So if you find yourself wondering "How long has it been since I changed the smoke alarm battery" or "When was the last time we visited Aunt Melda", BlueMoon may be for you.

    (BlueMoon developers did not solicit this endorsement, but if they want to send a few $$$ my way... )

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