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    Just wondering if anyone is using fitalty for a keyboard? If you are is it a hack and is hackmaster needed? Any opinions would be appreciated.
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    I have been using the Fitaly keyboard for a couple of months & love it! It's REALLY nice to have a keyboard that's designed for one-touch typing (as opposed to the ten-finger qwerty keyboard)! I especially like being able to "slide" a key to capitalize it.

    I've been using the hack version, but there is also a non-hack version. (The instructions say that if you have hackmaster, use the hack version - otherwise use the regular version.) More information is available at

    Also, I just ordered FitalyStamp ( This is an overlay that goes over the graffiti area, but still includes "tap keys" for Apps, Menu, Calculator, Find, and a key to switch to/from graffiti. [Note: somewhere in the FitalyStamp info, it said to order the Palm III version of the FitalyStamp for the Visor (rather than the Palm V version).]

    I just read's review of the Silkyboard (at - apparently it's the main competitor for the FitalyStamp - and I'm now even more pleased that I ordered the FitalyStamp. (The Silkboard overlay is a qwerty keyboard and does NOT have "tap keys" for Apps, Menu, etc.)

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    I've been using Fitaly for a while now, and I'll agree with Etiz that it's great! The arrangement of the keys makes very good sense once you get used to it, which doesn't take long.

    Fitaly will run as either a stand-alone app or a hackmaster extension. If you're already running hackmaster, that version takes less memory.

    As for the FitalyStamp version that Etiz mentioned, I've been using it for about a week now, and it's increadible! I've been using Fitaly and now FitalyStamp to take sermon notes, and I can keep up easily without distracting either myself or anybody else. I couldn't do this with graphitti... too many mistakes.
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    I am using FitalyStamp and I think it's great. My letter accuracy is so much greater than graffiti and I've been using graffiti for a while

    I think that a keyboard adds so much to a Visor (or Palm) and Fitaly or FitalyStamp is gives you the greatest speed potential. Tapping keys and short "slides" to produce capitals, seems like such an efficient way to go.

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