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    So I got the Mapopolis/GPS bundle BuyGPSNow for Christmas and the UI is driving me nuts, I therfore have a couple of questions I need help with:
    1) Has anyony tried the Tom Tom navigation software with this GPS receiver?
    2) Is there a demo version of the Tom Tom navigation software (I looked but can't find one)?
    3) How good is the Tom Tom UI, does it support the 5 way, copy & paste, phone book lookup?
    Thanks for your help.
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    What about the UI is driving you nuts? I am looking to purchase a GPS / maping software bundle and would like to know your complaints / problems with the mapopolis bundle.
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    1) No 5 way support, have to use stylus or poke screen repeatedly with your finger to make a selection.
    2) No cut & Paste support, have to remember address and re-enter if it isn't in your contacts.
    3) Direction indicator (next turn etc.) takes up over half the screen whne you use directions & GPS, you're left with a map window 1" high, if you press select to see all the map then no active guidence/voice prompts
    4) Can't change defaults, directions defaults to ludicrously large scale, voice prompt (even on lowest scale) are far too frequent.
    5) Contacts look-up is variable at best, often it finds the address for a contact but then can't select it as a destination.
    6) Can't remap buttons
    7) If you leave to make a call (not receive one) you have to set up the navigation again.
    That enough (they're the main ones that spring to mind) or do you want more?
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    Yeah, I have the same problems with the Mapopolis UI so I'm upgrading to TomTom. Need a Treo 650, though -- to my knowledge, TomTom doesn't run on the 600 (needs the high res, I think).

    I'm planning to use the i.Trek GPS I got with my Mapopolis, but need to get the new Treo 650 cable from Semsons. They claim they will have it out soon, but I don't know exactly when.
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    Good luck, if only the Mapopolis folks would spend time/effort solving even the basic UI problems then they'd have a great product, as it is it drives me nuts as the UI is terrible.
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    It was the UI that led me to Tomtom as well. It's confusing on mapopolis, and seems to take extra steps to accomplish a simple thing such as navigating to a new location. Like if you say find location, you expect to be able to navigate there. But no, you must use the navigate feature. Use of the screen real estate is also iffy too. Also comes off as looking homemade rather than as a professional product. It'll get the job done in a pinch, but if you want something rock solid and truly useful, I'd go with Tomtom. Mapopolis is a smaller company and they try their best, but right now it's not up to par if your par is Tomtom. Give it some time and I think mapopolis could end up becoming more user friendly. Also not crazy about the directory gymnastics you have to do to navigate between counties. Only your die hard users are going to be so meticulous where as with Tomtom, it just works.
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    forgive my ignorance, what is UI?
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    User Interface
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    I called Tom Tom and asked about demo software. They don't have any.

    That stinks!!!! I can demo $5.00 software but not $150.00 tomtom software.
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    I dont understand what all the complaints about Mapopolis are, I use it and love it, it gives me no problems what so ever, did you know you can take a couple of extra seconds to set it up to start GPS when program starts and start last navigation when program starts, pretty much doing away with the I have to do the whole thing over again after I make a call, and what problems do people have with navigating between counties, once you have the counties loaded, I keep the whole Ut. map loaded all the time, it just navigates between counties seamlesly.

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