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    If anyone is willing to email the drivers, I would be most greatful!! HS is doing a great dis-service to their customers.
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    I guess WIN2K drivers are going to be like the rest of the Handspring device promises.... VAPORWARE! Like the 6-pack. Initially listed for March, now due in "summer 2000" or the Marcosoft GPS, initially due Feb-Mar, now due in April. Just like a car won't run on fumes for long, Handspring will **** a lot of customers off with this vaporware.
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    I'm not as upset about the unavailability of the drivers as I am about HS inability to keep the information in their "Technical Support" and "Software & Updates" sections up to date.

    We now have approx 13 hrs (CA time) left in the month of March and the "Software & Updates" page still says "Windows 2000 support coming this month!". Also the "Windows 2000 Compatibility" page still says "Handspring will post an updated version of the Palm Desktop that includes Windows 2000 support in March 2000".

    Guess what HS, March 2000 is quickly marching away! When are you going to provide us with updated information????

    I would go ahead and get the serial cradle for $20, but why would I want to do that if the drivers are going to be available soon? If HS admits that it is going to be another month or so, I would go buy the stupid serial cradle and get it over with.

    The main reason I don't want to get the serial cradle though is that I won't use it after I get Win2K support for USB.

    Well how about it HS? Is it going to be today or when? All I want is a little dialog...
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    Actually, if they wait 24 hours, then they can just leave the damn "Available this month" up there, since they'll have 30 more days to develop the software in "this month"!

    - OZ
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    One of the things that gets me is the following quote from the HS web site:

    "On February 17, 2000, Microsoft™ released a new operating system called Windows 2000™. The support for USB in Windows 2000 is based on a new USB architecture."

    Admittedly on the surface this is a factual statement. However, I know that MS had all of the needed technical information available to developers no later than 3rd quarter of '99.

    I know that at work I was running a "release candidate" of Win2k as early as Nov. of '99 and it changed very little before the actual release. I also happen to know that this release candidate as well as the betas before it, were available to developers.

    So HS is misleading us when they make it sound like this was a new change by MS as of Feb 17, 2000. HS _had_ to know about this at least by 2nd or 3rd quarter of '99 or even earlier.

    Just my $0.02
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    I called HS sales asking them if Win2k drivers were going to be released today. The HS rep. told me that they were not expected to be released by the deadline. Let us hope that I am going to be wrong. My experience with HS and win2k has been poor. Before ordering my visor I asked a sales rep. if it was compatible with win2k. This person told me there would be no problem. Sure enough it didn't work. I explained this to the sales person and asked if there would be any kind of discount for the serial cradle because of the shortcomings on the promised windows 2000 drivers and sure enough, "no." I am not about to fork over $29 plus shipping for a serial cradle while I have this useless USB one sitting in my desk.

    (Update) Well, guess I am wrong! 4:05 pm. I Checked the HS page after my post and sure enough! Windows 2000 Drivers! Download away everyone!

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    And handspring Made its Deadline! I couldn't help but laugh when I see the earlier posts from all thos impatient souls
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    I want to take this time to publicly apologize to HS.

    I was kinda anxious to use my palm and was hoping to get the drivers by the weekend and HS came through.

    It would have been better if they announced an early April delivery and came in early. I think it was at least a little misleading when they said it would be released in March, and they released it with only a few hours left in the month.
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    I happen to agree with you. Most of us are happy knowing that the drivers are being released. I wouldn't have cared if it was in march or early april. But I would have felt like HS did me a favor if they promised early April, and got them out in March.
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