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    I am a big Stephen King fan and saw in the paper they released his latest book at Barnes And Noble and Amazon using Rocket e books. I have looked at Memoware and Peanut Press sites and don't see it. Is there a way to read a Rocket format on the Visor? Are there any other sites to check out for e books that you recommend? Thanks.
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    From what I understand you will have to use the version from Peanutpress. That is the only one that is formatted for the Palm OS. I think that the reader is included (I couldn't find any reference to needing to get the reader separate). The bad news is that Peanutpress is the only? site that is charging for the book, albeit it's only $2.95.
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    Doeas anyone know why Palm owners are the only ones that have to pay for it?
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    The Peanutpress reader for Palm is free. You have to buy the books for it as they are copywrited. The authors like that format as it protects the copywright by not allowing the novels to be copied. That is why you may not be able to buy them in doc or other formats.

    The Stephen King novel was free for rocketbook format (I believe it was also pdf)from two web sites but ONLY for Tuesday. It was a one time deal. Normally you have to purchase the books just like everyone else. It is not only palm readers, everyone has to pay, that is how the authors make money

    You can now Dl it for $2.95 I believe.

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    The article that I read about the book was that all site were supposed to be charging $2.95. However, you can get the first 8 pages free.

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    PeanutPress'll sell ya the King novella (and throw in the reader gratis) for the massive sum of $2.50.

    New York Times has a story today about the online frenzy to get this title- seems to have clogged several e-venues.

    Easy process to get it- I'm looking forward to reading it tonight.

    Heck, it's worth 2.50 just to be part of history. In a few years we'll look back and reminisce about the Palm IPO and Steven King's first e-novella.



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    I downloaded it today and read it at lunch. It is okay. I did it mainly to try out the ebook concept. I too like Mr. King's works, but this is more of a short story than anything. To me it kinda felt like he did it to help pass the time of being stuck in bed.

    Anyway, the ebook concept is pretty cool. I did browse around the peanutpress site while I was there and saw a couple of other books that I might get.

    Installation and operation were flawless by the way.


    Craig Hook
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    I just got my new Blue Visor Deluxe today and the first thing I did at home was download the free PeanutReader and buy King's Riding the Bullet for $2.50. As you can see I'm a newbie but I think this is gonna be way cool. And, when I go to work tomorrow and they see this, they'll think I'm less of a geek than they did when I was beaming stuff to everybody's PalmPilots at the office this afternoon! Even my non-techie mother thought this was a cool idea!
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    Thanks for all the replies. I downloaded it last night. I must have missed it somehow when I visited Peanut the other night (although I don't now how - it's so glaring!) The price was certainly right.

    Hmmm maybe ebook reviews/discussion is a possible subject board for Visor Central?
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    I encountered the usual long check-out line at the market, whipped out my Visor, and began reading from the latest Asimov's Science Fiction . . .

    [an interested woman] Is that one of those book reader things?

    [me] No. It's electronic organizer . . . and a whole lot more. However, yes. I'm reading a magazine.

    [woman] Oh. Is it too small to hold a whole book?

    [me] (closing PeanutReader) Actually, it can hold quite alot. (removing Memory Module) See this? I've got a half dozen novels and close to a dozen magazines in here.

    [woman] Isn't that screen too small for so much reading?

    [me] (replacing MM) I find that it works better than you might think. The screen width approximates that of a magazine column, and it is very easy to turn the electronic pages. You're welcome to have a look . . . (restarting PeanutReader)

    To end an already too long story, I may have sold another Visor for Handspring . . . sadly I failed to ask for a phone number . . . so my geekiness may have cost me a chance for a date . . .
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    Originally posted by yucca:
    . . . sadly I failed to ask for a phone number . . . so my geekiness may have cost me a chance for a date . . .
    Yet another use for the Visor... Chic-magnet!!

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    Speaking of E-books, does anyone know if there is a Palm application that makes a self-contained document/viewer? In other words, a ReadMe file that runs itself (doesn't require a separate viewer application)? On the Mac there is such a thing called DocMaker, and it would be great to have it on the Palm.
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    I'm assuming that the mini-HowTo files stashed under the Help option of many apps don't count? If not, then I'm sure I've seen nothing like what you describe.
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    How do you download Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine? Is there a place to subscribe to it electronically?
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    Go to...


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA

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