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    I called my mother who is 93 and lives in Florida. She checked with her 98 year old neighbor whose former astronaut son has a girlfriend whose cousin works for T-Mobile which has a store across the street from a Cingular store (in Boca Raton). The cousin went across the street to Cingular inquired for me. The store manager there told her he heard it should be out on Thursday. When she asked where he heard that he said on Treo-Central but they weren't sure now either.

    Finally some information from a credible source!!

    Great post! I needed the laugh after reading through the thread.
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    This thread title seems a bit misleading. I was 'somewhat' excited when I saw it.
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    well I am waiting although my patience are wearing thin. I hope that the pricing will change for the better. Hopefully they see that Sprint has had it for a little over $300 w/2yr and they will try to get close to that dollar amount. But, I will beleive it when I see it.
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