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    I remember when the 650s were close to coming out there was discussion of treo's supporting blackberry service, but it seemed to be sometime in the future, and given Palm's market responsiveness that could be WAY off. Recently though I have heard this might be supported in the near future? Does anyone have more solid info on this?
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    it is not up to palm to develop the blackberry client. i'm sure they may have some input on it, however it is totally on RIM's shoulders to develop the client.
    How much you wanna bet that they release the JavaVM the same week that they release the BlackBerryConnect java client? anyone up for bets? i was informed by our RIM representative in december that it would be beginning of January... now we're told it might be february... either way it's not soon enough.
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    It sounds like Sprint may be the bottelneck here...
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    unfortunately- that may be right- i was just told by the bberry administrator that we should probably call sprint on it... i will find out more tomorrow i hope
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    why wait for blackberry when you have just as good (no pun) if not better choices for the treo? like good.

    not that I used any type of push.

    btw, does anyone know of a push service that will work with groupwise?

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    Felipe - For me, the reason to wait is because my company already has the BB Enterprise Server and isn't interested in adding another from Good or anyone else.

    For the Treo to penetrate existing BB accounts, the BB Client is mandatory. I only get away with staynig with a Treo as I'm grandfathered in from when we demoed the T300 a couple of years back. But the company wants to kill the Sprint corporate BizCon service & replace with BBs. So the only way to stay Treo in the long run is to get the BB client or go ActiveSync.
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    fushigi..I have to disagree. True, enterprises that have deployed a BB solution may not be interested in deploying Good now. Then, when they see what is involved in upgrading to BES 4.0, they begin to rethink things. Then, when you look at the TCO of deploying and managing a new GoodLink installation versus the cost of upgrading, it becomes even more compelling to look at an alternate solution. With device prices dropping, I think you will see more companies swapping out BB for an industry standard solution.
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    unfortunately, bb is the "industry standard". however i understand that you meant standards based and not proprietary solution... i am really hoping that the RIM lawsuit ends unfavorably for rim, because it would mean that they would have to stop selling devices until they pay royalties... and it would help my case at trying to win over people with my treos...
    the good news is that i have heard that Treos or whatever the next iteration will be is where my company is hoping to go. it seems like companies (especially financial sector like mine) seem to get the idea when something is new, but by the time the solution is rolled out it is outdated... we're just rolling out the previous version of BES, and all of a sudden are putting BES 4.0 on the fast track- and since theres a large fundamental change in how it is designed, it can't exactly be the fast enough track...
    i think that your point about device prices dropping is very good... blackberry devices are not going to get much cheaper, but the good g100 is a mere 199? that's 2 users for the price of one pretty much... with the same functionality...
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    Agreed. BB has the market name, which is a hurdle that alternate solutions, such as Good, have to overcome. As I said before, looking at the total cost of ownership is key when evaluating email solutions. Sure, initially, the cost of a Treo based roll-out seems higher than a BB solution primarily due to the device cost. But when you combine management costs, upgrade costs and user satisfaction (ie, contact and calendar sync wirelessly), a Good solution vs a BB suddenly becomes a viable alternative. Then, from an IT standpoint, when you have a single source solution for hardware and software, the word "propietary" suddenly jumps out in bold. RIM's counter is BB Connect, but even their own information is talking about nothing but email, no calendar, contacts, etc. A band-aid, that IMHO, won't suffice. I think they may realize that, hence the delay.
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    For my company BB is very nearly the only choice. We have a Good option but the admins and their management strongly urge people not to do it. Why? On top of the monthly fee there is the 300 and something a year license fee, that the company won't reimburse, and as the admins put it, Good has a ton of end-user nickle and dime fees that BB doesn't.

    The third option, active sync, is something our company won't install as you have to open a public access hole for the email to get out for the treo to retrieve it, which is a SOX regulation no no.
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    Good does charge an annual fee, however, there are a couple of other things to keep in mind. Good does not require an unlimited data plan. Depending on the carrier and the size of the deployment, this can can add up to a substantial savings. Also, GoodLink syncs ALL aspects of Outlook wirelessly with no cradle required for contacts and calendar. If your company is looking to upgrade to BES 4.0, all existing devices will have to come in and be cradled for the upgrade. Support for GoodLink is provided by Good as opposed to the carrier. There is no charge for this, while RIM charges for RIM provided support. The GoodLink Server is free, while BES has a charge. There are no more "nickel and dime" fees. Once the subscription is paid, that is it. When looked at a total cost, GoodLink is comparable, sometimes less, than Blackberry.

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