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    Fairly new to the Palm world with my new 650. Tried to get some maps from MapQuest onto the phone. I did the requisite AvantGo download. I was able to get the map directions but I could not get the images for the maps themselves. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Is there another method to get good maps like this onto the phone? Thank you.

    Rick Herrick
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    don't know what you're doing wrong, but I suggest you try the 30 day full demo for Handmark Express. Its one of the best programs I have tried for the Treo so far. I just downloaded it yesterday and would be shocked if I don't end up subscribing. It can provide maps and door to door directions, news, sports, phone book functionality, etc. I know there are several different programs out there that accomplish all the same things, but really not with the ease of use and friendly UI that Express has. Try it out. You get 30 days free then it either $7 a month or $70 for a year.

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