after a month of mostly error free operation, my treo 650 has started doing frequent (many per day) resets. looks like it's versamail related

##377# gives me
reset caused...while running "Biz Conn":
Line:3522, block runs inconsistent

I don't use versamail natively, but do heavily use Spring Business Connection to access my overflowing corporate email account. this appears to be using the versamail sw, from what i can tell.

any other regular uses of biz connection encounter this? and did the deletion of the versamail corrupt files (as detailed in the "FIXED: versamail causing reboots") resolve the problem for gogod, temporarily, or have no effect?

alternatively, any better true push based, imap mail client that can work with corporate firewalls? i dont want to have to keep logging in to vpn to check if i have mail, it needs to be a direct push to the client like biz conn is (when it isnt busy rebooting the device....)

thanks, alan