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    Hi folks,

    The thing I love most about this forum is the opportunity for non-techies like me (who can just about operate a tumble dryer!) to get help and feedback from super-techies, like most of you.

    I'm stuck - please help!

    I'm scratching my head over the email thing. Am I right in the following:

    - The 'Inbox To Go' that I have on my 650 allows me to store my Outlook emails, which I can then read and reply. However, the replies will not be sent until I sync again and send via my Outlook account on my laptop

    - Versamail would allow me to dynamically send and receive my Outlook emails live!


    My problem is that my Outlook account is my work email which requires a VPN. I'm not going to go to all the time, hassle and political wrangling that I will undoubtedly have to go through to get the VPN installed on my Treo, if my understanding of how Versamail works is wrong.

    So can someone please help me out by...

    1) Confirming that my understanding of how these two applications work (Inbox To Go and Versamail) is correct?

    2) Confirm that a Cisco-based VPN can even be installed and work on Treo 650?

    3) Or suggest another alternative to me being able to get and send my work emails live without having to worry about the VPN issue. I've tried Webmail but for some reason although my Treo 600 worked with Webmail perfectly, the 650 won't bring up the user name and password boxes???

    Thank you, thank you, thank you techie folks in advance!!

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    Does work have an IMAP connection outside the firewall? Many companies export it for heir handheld users. If you really need a VPN client, check out mergic vpn from PalmOne.
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    What kind of email is it? Is it Exchange? If so then just use the Sprint Business's fast, easy and painless. I love it.
    As well, like Ron|Treo said, most companies have an IMAP setup too so the messages stay on the server.
    You may need to talk to your IT administrator because in Exchange there are mobile settings that have to be configured for you to use it. It's also possible to use HTTP.

    Hope this help...good luck.
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    Mark, the easist way will be to talk with your IT guys first.

    Now, back to what I am doing. My company's POP3 doesn't, but the SMTP server need VPN. So I just use SnapperMail (VersaMail should be the same) to pull emails from my company's POP server, then use some other SMTP server (gmail) to send all the outgoing emails. Works just fine. Or you might just set a rule and forward all your corp mail to another account (like your DSL/cable 's account, or paid service from Yahoo or Fastmail).

    And your understanding about I2G and Versa is absolutely correct Just my 0.02

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