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    Hi folks,

    The thing I love most about this forum is the opportunity for non-techies like me (who can just about operate a tumble dryer!) to get help and feedback from super-techies, like most of you.

    I'm stuck - please help!

    I'm scratching my head over the email thing. Am I right in the following:

    - The 'Inbox To Go' that I have on my 650 allows me to store my Outlook emails, which I can then read and reply. However, the replies will not be sent until I sync again and send via my Outlook account on my laptop

    - Versamail would allow me to dynamically send and receive my Outlook emails live!


    My problem is that my Outlook account is my work email which requires a VPN. I'm not going to go to all the time, hassle and political wrangling that I will undoubtedly have to go through to get the VPN installed on my Treo, if my understanding of how Versamail works is wrong.

    So can someone please help me out by...

    1) Confirming that my understanding of how these two applications work (Inbox To Go and Versamail) is correct?

    2) Confirm that a Cisco-based VPN can even be installed and work on Treo 650?

    3) Or suggest another alternative to me being able to get and send my work emails live without having to worry about the VPN issue. I've tried Webmail but for some reason although my Treo 600 worked with Webmail perfectly, the 650 won't bring up the user name and password boxes???

    Thank you, thank you, thank you techie folks in advance!!

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    versamail sucks...try snapper mail or chatter (chatter being better in my opinion)
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    i've been using spring business connect. this gets around the vpn issue by having an agent run on the desktop (pc) on the corporate network. it has a connection to the imap mail server (just like outlook on the pc would), and gets pushed new messages. in turn, it sends them off to sprint somehow (you may need to setup proxy servers to get out of the corporate network) and then sprint pushes them to your phone.

    worked great for a month but it is now stuck in a endless reboot loop (seems to be related to versamail problems reported on this forum). the SBC mail program isnt great (doesnt handle attachements very well) but it was very nice having work email pushed direct to the phone.

    i've read that snappermail and chattermail are good, but havent done the research to see how they deal with the vpn access yet

    thanks, alan
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    I can confirm that movian VPN works on Cisco equipment. I use and IPSec VPN connection into the office from the Treo.

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