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    Hi all,

    I searched for the answer to this question both here and in PalmOne support, but couldn't find anything. It seems that when I receive a new SMS alert (when I'm not currently in the SMS application), the upper left corner of the alert popup always contains the CURRENT time, not the time the SMS was actually received. Is there any way to change that to the time that the alert was received, or are there any alternative SMS alert managers that would do that?

    I'm asking because sometimes I get SMS messages in the middle of the night, and when I wake up the alert popup says "7:00 am" or whatever the current time is, leading me (in my half-awake state) to believe that the message was just sent; in actuality it was received hours ago and my Treo is simply displaying the current time in the alert popup.

    Thank you!
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    i think this the problem of the 1.20-LAP or ENA, i am experiencing this except mine depends on the network that is sending it. 1 out of 2 is the working timestamp.
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